The Motorway of Magic

Have you ever seen a double-rainbow? Probably, in fact, i’d be surprised if you hadn’t. How about a full rainbow, not just half an arc, but the full semi-circle? Those are quite special to behold, especially when the colours are vibrant and sparkling. But also, not too unusual. Cast your mind to the rainbows you have seen, although the memories may be as fleeting as the colourful spectrum momentarily splayed across the sky.

Now, imagine…

…Driving along a rain-washed motorway, when out of nowhere a rainbow leaps into the road in front of you. Your eyes widen, and you look up, only to see another colourful crescent beaming across the horizon right in your path. You shake your head, and there’s another to your left, the colours dancing in unison with the arc to your right. With every metre the car speeds on the rainbows blaze, fading and returning faster than you can turn your head, transforming the blue sky into a kaleidoscopic fantasia. Every spray of water from the road throws up hues and shades, the rubber tyres giving a fleeting breath of life to a paradisiacal mirage, each one disappearing into the spray within a blink. Perhaps another world exists between the bands of the double-rainbow, in that peculiar space between which seems to shimmer, not quite earthly, not quite alien.

You are in awe. It is magical. It could be magic. The sun and rain merge together in an entirely explainable way, yet the phenomenon they produce creates something utterly fantastical. You breathe deeply. It could be a fantasy world colliding with ours, shaking the very air with its majesty and might, sending the airwaves into a tumultuous flurry of confusion. It could be the Gods of Asgard battling to the death, swords clashing, spraying out angry flares of light as we drive unawares, below the raging skies of war. It could be an explosion of dragon-fire bursting into our world through the cracks in the clouds, made invisible to us by the sunbeams streaming over the ground. It could be a million shooting stars, falling into the atmosphere and sprinkling the world with brilliance and delight, coating us in ephemeral perfection.


Or it could simply be a motorway, slick with rain, bedazzled by the sun.


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