The Day The Seasons Converged

You know some days when you go outside and the air smells slightly different to usual? There’s either a sudden chill or a cosy warmth, seemingly materialised from nowhere… But something in your mind acknowledges the change, whether consciously or subconsciously. Many people don’t notice the shift in the airwaves, but I always do. I try so hard to express what I can smell, taste, on the air, but mostly I get blank responses. I have come to realise the changes over the years, and now recognise them as the seasonal shifts. Sure, we all see Spring morph into Summer, which then turns golden as Autumn arrives, and finally the ground crisps up and the greenery melts away into a dormant state. Then buds begin to appear, and lo and behold the process begins anew.

I notice more than that though. Once, twice, maybe three times a year I leave the house and my senses are hit by a sudden rush of change. I can smell the seasons changing and, once caught for the first time, the scent remains for the whole season. Over the next few days I might get a whiff of change as I step outdoors, but it won’t hit as abruptly as that first time. Does anybody else have this strange sense? I don’t know but I hope so, because it’s so exciting to experience. It’s special, a special moment between your senses and nature, and it never gets old.

One day I went for a walk, and not only did I smell the change of seasons, but as I stepped outside, I saw that the seasons had quite literally converged one over the other. Of course then I had to grab my camera. I thought i’d share the photographs with you, as I think they are special and deserve to be preserved in some way, as the occurrence was so ephemeral.


A bubble of Autumn preserved in a blanket of Winter


A light sweeping of snow creeps over the autumnal carpet

The ground was a patchwork of seasons, each surprising and refreshing in turn…


A sprinkling of snowflakes makes the apples extra rosy


A Winter wonderland beyond an Autumn snug



A softened woodland


The starkness of seasonal boundaries was incredible. I had never witnessed any such weather clashes before, but to me it was magical.



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