Come For A Walk With Me

Come for a walk with me

We’ll go on a journey

Far far away

To the secret door at the bottom of the garden, and beyond…

To the waving rushes and long grass, in the meadow no one has discovered yet, and beyond…

To the forest of wonders, where the great oaks and ferns make a leafy, sun-pocked sky, and beyond…

To the beaches, where the sand is so fine it’s like tiptoeing on feathers, and the waves curl up to tickle our feet, and beyond…

To the caves of glistening gemstones… and they glisten like your eyes, orange and green and gold, and beyond…

To the deserts of nowhere, to lie on our backs and gaze and gaze until our eyes can take no more of the infinity of shining stars, just for us, and beyond…

To our dreams, where we fly together, fall together, rise together…


And back again.


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